Work those (supply and demand) curves!

Speaker: Rose Newell.

This presentation is for translators who are in high demand – no matter where they are in their career.

Nearly everyone wants to attract and hold onto new and repeat business. But what happens once your efforts have started to pay off and you’re struggling to satisfy demand for your services? You want to accept a new job, but you’re already fully booked. Your only choices are to turn the client away or work overtime.

Or are there other options? This is where capacity management and an understanding of the supply and demand curve come in.

It is neither useful nor virtuous to be “too busy”. It ultimately leads to stagnation, as well as emotional and physical exhaustion.

Fortunately, there are strategies to resolve excess demand without any major loss of income or security (and increase both, with proper implementation). Come to this presentation to explore various approaches to increasing supply, limiting demand, and forming vital contingency plans to take you forward.


BP15 Translation Conference Zagreb - Rose Newell - Work those supply and demand curves