Why not want to be “nailed on Across”? – Myths and facts about Across

Speaker: Lissa Sum.

Have you already heard about Across? What is it that you heard about the CAT tool Across? Myths or facts? Do you believe everything you’re told? Are you interested in facts?

In her role as Across trainer and speaker, Lissa is frequently confronted with rumours and popular misunderstandings regarding Across.

She works and meets with many freelance translators – friends and critics of Across – and is keen to put the record straight.

This lecture focuses on the most important myths and facts about the free CAT tool Across Personal Edition.

You will learn about the basic concepts of Across as well as the processing of a typical task directly in the tool. Furhermore you will have the possibility to discuss your questions and feedback with Lissa.

BP15 Translation Conference Zagreb - Lissa Sum - Myths and facts about Across