Café de la Réussite – Tips and tricks to optimize your working time

Speaker: Alessia Vonau.

“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think & act on building the life you desire”  – Napoleon Hill

Cafés de la Réussite – workshops that awaken your business – are inspiring entrepreneurial workshops for solo entrepreneurs or small business owners that want to grow their business, learning sales and business techniques in a mastermind modality.

Cafés de la Réussite are held in Lyon (France) twice a month since 2012 by Alessia Vonau, business coach for solo entrepreneurs. On the pre-conference day of BP15 she will host a ‘Café de la Réussite’ on the topic “Tips and tricks to optimize your working time”.

Participants will learn techniques to optimize their working time so they can translate faster, they can meet their deadlines and they can take more translation jobs. One of the most important techniques of time management is the Pomodoro technique – Alessia will explain how she uses it in translation and how this technique let her translate over 4000 words per day.

This session will take place between 17:20 and 18:50 on Thursday, 30 April.  Tickets cost €10 until 31 March.


BP15 Translation Conference Zagreb - Alessia Vonau - Café de la réussite - Tips and tricks to optimize your working time