Tanya Quintieri

BP15 Translation Conference Zagreb - Tanya Quintieri

Based in Berlin and the south of Germany, Tanya has lived in Europe since 1993. She’s a US American with German, Puerto Rican and Lithuanian roots and started freelancing as a translator in 2003. Over the years, she specialized in marketing. Her field of expertise led her to launch a corporate communications agency (PatchworkLabs), together with designer Axel Herrmann. They offer a complete portfolio that ranges from multilingual copywriting and web design to design services. As a global communications consultant, she loves to actually be part of her clients’ teams for single projects or even for longer periods, all while enjoying the freedom that freelancing has to offer. Of course she still works as a translator for selected long-term clients.

Being a committed entrepreneur, Tanya loves to share her knowledge and experience gained in more than 12 years of successful freelancing. She has been invited to speak at conferences, fairs and universities throughout Germany and Europe. Her topics include young professionals, social media marketing, corporate identity, cooperation opportunities for freelancers as well as customer acquisition and—much more important!—customer retention.

BP15 Translation Conference Zagreb - Tanya Quintieri - How to be a Superwoman (or Superman) - Organizing yourself and surviving as a freelancer when dipping into diversification