Csaba Bán

BP15 Translation Conference Zagreb - Csaba Bán

Csaba has been a freelance translator since 2000, working from English and French into Hungarian. He translates mostly in the fields of finance, legal and IT, with a strong sideline in technical manuals.  His freelance career was preceded by spending 5 years as an in-house translator, as well as several short-term translation and interpreting assignments during university at a time when Word for Windows 1.0 was hailed as a great advancement over the previously used Word 4 for DOS (or even WordPerfect). Even before that, Csaba’s translation career started by translating a Czech manual using a Polish-Hungarian tourist dictionary.

After hosting several powwows, Csaba organized Proz.com’s 5th international conference in 2007 in Budapest, with 250 attendees.  On the instigation of some of these people, he eventually decided to take a leap forward by organizing an international conference for fellow freelance translators all by himself.