Alessia Vonau

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Alessia Vonau is a sales accelerator who shares her talent with solo entrepreneurs and small business owners who wish to develop their business. After obtaining a PhD in cognitive psychology in 1997, she demonstrated her value as a trainer, sales representative and sales director in a training company.

In 2005 she founded DILÉAL, a sales training and coaching centre and a translation agency, where her experience and passion serves as the building blocks to enable others find their success in sales and other empowering courses. Her clients tell that she is a demanding and enthusiastic person with a contagiously good sense of humour.  Since 2008 she has also given conferences and on-line workshops focused on sales development. In 2010 she decided to provide even more for her clients by investing in training and sales coaching with top American coaches.

Alessia is French-Italian bilingual and speaks English fluently.

BP15 Translation Conference Zagreb - Alessia Vonau - Discover your business talents

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