Four days’ investment* repays several times over

Let’s suppose you work on a 10k job – by far not your largest ever, but a good average size assignment all the same.

If you are an experienced freelance translator, you can translate 10,000 words in four days – and that’s a conservative estimate.  Let’s assume your rate is € 0.10 per source word – again, not overly high, but it’s a decent rate nonetheless.   So let’s assume you make € 1000 in four days.

This is just about how much you need to attend a conference like BP15, all costs combined.    Let’s take a look how you would spend € 1000 on your long weekend in Zagreb.

The conference itself, with three dinners, costs € 359 – assuming two colleagues buy tickets from the same city area. The regular price for this package costs € 399, but if you can convince a colleague from the same area to come with you, both of you can get the full conference package for € 359 only.   For this amount you get to attend the conference itself, you’ll get lunch and two coffee breaks with snacks on each day, as well as you’ll get to attend the welcome reception on the 30th, the networking dinner on the 1st, and the farewell party with buffet dinner on the 2nd.  All prices include 25% Croatian VAT.

Add in a workshop on the pre-conference day or a day trip to Slovenia or the Plitvice lakes – any of these will cost you € 50.

The hotel room for 5 nights costs € 210, assuming you share a double room with a colleague.

If you hurry up, you can still find cheap airfare.  Let’s suppose you spend € 250 on a return ticket within Europe.

You’ll also need some pocket money to buy meals outside the conference days – € 131 should get you covered.

All that adds up to € 1000 – what you receive for your average 10k job.


BP15 Translation Conference - Chart Poster

Now, what do you get in exchange for your money?

Two full days and three evenings of massive networking, meeting old friends, meeting new and interesting people from all over the world;

Listening to empowering and inspiring talks, recharging your batteries for several months to come;

Gaining valuable business knowledge and practical tips that will, if duly implemented, boost your efficiency in your freelance translation business;

Having fun with like-minded people for several days, after toiling away for months on end without much social life…

Not only that – you’ll get actual financial benefits as well.   Several BP14 attendees reported a quick return on their investment, in terms of negotiating higher rates with existing clients, getting new clients by recommendation from colleagues they met at the conference, as well as boosting overall efficiency of their business and practical processes.

Even by a conservative estimate you can recover your costs within a month or two, and it’s only up to you how much more you can get out of your conference attendance.

So don’t think about too much – when you do your next 10k job, it can just cover your entire expenses of attending BP15 in Zagreb.  Think about this amount as an investment – an investment that will repay several times over before the year is out.


What can you do now?

> Register for event

> Invite a local colleague to get cheaper tickets

> After registering, write an essay to win back your conference fee

> Sign up for the Facebook event for frequent updates and shareable content


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