Current prices valid till 31 March

Regular prices are valid till midnight on Tuesday, 31 March.

Here’s a quick comparison tool to help you choose the best package.

BP15 Translation Conference Zagreb - Best deal March


To get the ‘Best deal’, please read the details here.

Get the most out of BP15 by attending a workshop or seminar on Thursday, 30 April:

We’ll have memoQ and SDL Trados training sessions, The Freelance Box, and Café de la Réussite.  See the conference program for details.

You can also join a day trip to Slovenia or the Plitvice lakes – in fact you can do both!

Four days’ investment* repays several times over

Let’s suppose you work on a 10k job – by far not your largest ever, but a good average size assignment all the same.

If you are an experienced freelance translator, you can translate 10,000 words in four days – and that’s a conservative estimate.  Let’s assume your rate is € 0.10 per source word – again, not overly high, but it’s a decent rate nonetheless.   So let’s assume you make € 1000 in four days.

This is just about how much you need to attend a conference like BP15, all costs combined.    Let’s take a look how you would spend € 1000 on your long weekend in Zagreb.

The conference itself, with three dinners, costs € 359 – assuming two colleagues buy tickets from the same city area. The regular price for this package costs € 399, but if you can convince a colleague from the same area to come with you, both of you can get the full conference package for € 359 only.   For this amount you get to attend the conference itself, you’ll get lunch and two coffee breaks with snacks on each day, as well as you’ll get to attend the welcome reception on the 30th, the networking dinner on the 1st, and the farewell party with buffet dinner on the 2nd.  All prices include 25% Croatian VAT.

Add in a workshop on the pre-conference day or a day trip to Slovenia or the Plitvice lakes – any of these will cost you € 50.

The hotel room for 5 nights costs € 210, assuming you share a double room with a colleague.

If you hurry up, you can still find cheap airfare.  Let’s suppose you spend € 250 on a return ticket within Europe.

You’ll also need some pocket money to buy meals outside the conference days – € 131 should get you covered.

All that adds up to € 1000 – what you receive for your average 10k job.


BP15 Translation Conference - Chart Poster

Now, what do you get in exchange for your money?

Two full days and three evenings of massive networking, meeting old friends, meeting new and interesting people from all over the world;

Listening to empowering and inspiring talks, recharging your batteries for several months to come;

Gaining valuable business knowledge and practical tips that will, if duly implemented, boost your efficiency in your freelance translation business;

Having fun with like-minded people for several days, after toiling away for months on end without much social life…

Not only that – you’ll get actual financial benefits as well.   Several BP14 attendees reported a quick return on their investment, in terms of negotiating higher rates with existing clients, getting new clients by recommendation from colleagues they met at the conference, as well as boosting overall efficiency of their business and practical processes.

Even by a conservative estimate you can recover your costs within a month or two, and it’s only up to you how much more you can get out of your conference attendance.

So don’t think about too much – when you do your next 10k job, it can just cover your entire expenses of attending BP15 in Zagreb.  Think about this amount as an investment – an investment that will repay several times over before the year is out.


What can you do now?

> Register for event

> Invite a local colleague to get cheaper tickets

> After registering, write an essay to win back your conference fee

> Sign up for the Facebook event for frequent updates and shareable content


Invite a local colleague and save €50

Tickets to BP15 are now available at a €50 discount.

Invite a colleague from your metropolitan area, and both of you will be eligible for the discount.  Here’s how it works:

1.  The two of you must live within 50 kms of each other.

2.  You have to prove your addresses by sending a copy of a document that proves your address. This could be a recent utility bill or an ID card showing your address. The point is that both the name and the address must be shown. Please send the copies of both documents to

3. You will receive the discount code in a return email.

4. Open the registration form under the Register tab, then select the items you wish to purchase, then enter the discount code at the end of the form. The discount is available only for purchases of the ‘Conference + 3 networking events’ package.  This means that instead of the current €415, you’ll get the package for €365. Both of you.

This means a total saving of €77 per person (when compared with the sum of the constituent items: conference €299 + reception €22 + networking dinner €55 + closing party €66).

5. Both purchases must take place within 24 hours.

6. Shortly after you submit this first registration form, you will receive an automated email with the bank account details. Also in the email you will find a unique link where you can complete your registration.  Please complete this form as well.

7. The two of you will receive two separate invoices, so both of you can deduct the conference fee as an expense.  (This is an improvement over the previous arrangement when only one invoice was issued.)

8. Please note that this opportunity is open only until Friday, 17 April.


Go ahead and convince a local colleague to attend, and both of you can benefit!

Attend BP15 for free!

In a bid to make attending the conference even more attractive, now you have a chance to be there for free.

Yes, for free.  All you need to do is to write an essay about your translation business – and be the best at it.



To enter the contest, write an essay between 250 and 300 words.  Write about what you did in the past year – or what you plan to do in the coming year – to boost your translation business.  Don’t include any details that can be used to identify you.

There are no other constraints. Use your imagination and writing skills.   And don’t forget to give it a title.


You need to purchase a ticket to BP15 to be able to enter the contest.  If you already purchased a ticket, you’re still eligible.   If you purchase your ticket after the submission deadline, you will not be eligible to enter the contest. BP15 speakers are not eligible.


The deadline for submission is Tuesday, 31 March (midnight CET).  The essay should be written in English in a Word file and sent as an attachment to an email to

Make sure the subject line says ‘BP15 for free’.

Selection process

All essays will be published on this website anonymously. These will be up for voting for a limited period of time (probably a week).  Voting will be conducted in a way to filter out multiple votes cast by the same person.  More details on the voting process will be announced later.


The first prize goes to the essay entry that collects the highest number of votes.

The first prize is free attendance at the conference, including three networking dinners (a value of €350 at early bird prices).

If you paid for the conference and the three dinners, you simply get a full refund.  If you paid for the conference and less than three dinners, you get a full refund of what you already paid, plus you’ll get to attend all three dinners.

If you cannot participate at any of the dinners, there will be no cash compensation.

The amount refunded will be the amount you actually paid at the time of purchasing the ticket.

Two runners-up will get a refund of  €100 each.

Winners will get their refund only after the conference, by 15 May, 2015.


Prizes are not transferable.

Also, if you win any of the prizes but fail to show up at the conference, you will lose your prize.


BP15 program           BP15 registration


BP15 Translation Conference Zagreb - Attend BP15 for free - piggy bank

Payment by TransferWise

There’s a new and cheap way of sending money abroad – by a service called TransferWise.  Created by the people who gave the world Skype, and backed by Richard Branson of Virgin fame, TransferWise also won numerous awards in the business startup scene.

The best part of sending money through TransferWise is that neither the sender nor the recipient loses anything on exchange rates: essentially they are using mid-market exchange rates. Also, their fees are minimal: only 0.5%.

The only catch is that transfers work only when a currency exchange is involved.  Since our bank account in Croatia is denominated in EUR, this solution does not work from any EUR-based bank account.  The good thing is the method works for a large variety of other currencies: BGN, CHF, CZK, DKK, GBP, GEL, HUF, NOK, PLN, RON, SEK, TRY, USD.

To be honest, I haven’t tested the process, but given all the 5 star ratings, there shouldn’t be any problem.   Anyway, let’s see how the process works.


1.  First open the Registration page.  You will notice that all amounts are lower than originally announced. In fact, all prices are now reduced by 2.5% during the early bird period.  Select the items you wish to purchase.  After pressing Continue you will be redirected to a “Wire transer” page.   Soon you will receive an automated email with the total EUR amount and its HRK equivalent.

If your account is denominated in any of currencies listed above, you can use TransferWise.  In all other cases please use a regular bank transfer. This automated email also includes the correct bank account details that you will also need for TransferWise.


2.  Open TransferWise and press Get Started.

First you will need to state the amount you would like to send.  Please enter the amount you received in the email into the lower Receive field, and check “The recipient needs a specific amount of EUR“.  The amount you will send in your currency will be automatically calculated.


TW step 1


3.  In the following step you will need to enter your own details.   Please note if you pay from a business account, you will need to add additional details such as your VAT number.


4.  Then you will need to provide the recipient’s details.   Make sure you type ‘BB Mezzofanti Bt’ as the recipient’s name.

Please select “Send money to a bank account“.

TW step 3

Next you will need to provide the recipient’s bank account (IBAN format) and the bank’s SWIFT/BIC code. You can find these in the automated email, or can copy these details from here. In the last field please enter BP15 plus your name.  No diacritical marks are allowed.

TW step 3b



5.  In the following step you will need to provide your bank account details.  Hover over the question mark to see an explanation.


TW step 3c



6.  In the last few steps you can confirm the accuracy of all information provided, then you can upload money from your account.    Please send us a screenshot when you’re done with the payment. (


7.  Now you can complete your registration.  Please follow the link in the automated email.  You will be able to provide your invoicing details, upload your attendee profile, etc.  (For best results, please use a square photo of at least 300 x 300 pixels, but of a maximum size of 1 MB.)

Once you submit this second form, you’ll receive another automated email with a link to your invoice.


That’s it – the whole process should take less than 15 minutes, with the added benefit of saving big time on transfer costs.