Basic sponsorship package

We offer a basic sponsorship package for attendees who wish to reach all other attendees with their services.

Priced at €250 (incl. VAT), the package serves two purposes:  you can reach all attendees of the conference, and you can contribute to the costs of video recording.


The sponsorship package includes:

– placing an insert (flyer / business card) in the conference bag

– placing your name/logo on the Sponsors page with a link to your website

– mentioning your name as a sponsor in the printed conference booklet

– sponsor status shown on your attendee profile


Please note that the package does not include the production of your flyers / business cards.  All printed material must reach the conference organizer by Friday, 24 April, 2015.


You can purchase the sponsorship package on the main registration page.  (Starting noon, 5 January, 2015.)

Contact us for more advanced sponsorship packages.

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