Valeria Aliperta

Valeria Aliperta (member of IAPTI and Head of External Relations, Associate of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, member of ASETRAD) is a conference interpreter and translator working from English, Spanish and French into her native Italian. Her fields of expertise are IT, fashion, design, marketing, legal and advertising. She runs monthly gatherings of colleagues, the London TweetUps, in London. Along with talks and webinars, she writes articles and guest posts on branding / corporate identity and regularly contributes to the ITI Bulletin. In 2013 she has launched Rainy London Branding, an all-new sister site to Rainy London Translations, entirely dedicated to branding and identity consultancy helping several colleagues and other professionals with their branding needs. Along with Marta Stelmaszak, she runs The Freelance Box, a series of hands-on, no-nonsense, in- person courses on the practical side of the freelance translation business.

Ice breakers: I am an espresso girl, love red and London.

Native language(s): Italian
Working languages: Spanish, English, French
Other language(s): A bit of Portuguese and German!