Rose Newell

I’m a Berlin-based, British-born copywriter and German-to-English translator specialising in marketing, high tech and investments. I hold the position of vice-president in the DVÜD, am a qualified member of the ITI and a full member of the German Marketing Association.At BP15, you’ll hear me talk about one of my “hidden” passions: economics and market forces. I’m going to get you all talking about supply and demand. Work those curves, baby!I am a total geek with a self-built laptop and more gadgets than you can shake a USB stick at. I’m especially interested in human-machine and machine-machine communication. Which is funny, given my day job is helping humans communicate more effectively.Lastly, marketing and business development is a strong passion of mine, ever growing in dominance. I’m the kind of person who extolls the wonders of print advertising over cocktails. Apologies in advance…

Ice breakers: computer games, human-machine interaction, all aspects of the future

Native language(s): English
Working languages: German
Other language(s): Dutch