Hajdi Kosednar

Hajdi Kosednar is Vendor Manager at translation and localization company IOLAR. She holds university degree in computer science, gained in 1996 at Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana, Slovenia. She was born in Rijeka, Croatia, where she grew up and completed high school. She moved to Slovenia in 1989 where she lives until now. She is married and has four children. Her job at IOLAR is to handle all issues related to translation and localization resources (translators, proofreaders, revisers, reviewers, language specialists, subject matter specialists). She enjoyes good reading, fantasy movies, visual arts, cheerleading and climbing.

Ice breakers: cheerleading, climbing, visual arts

Native language(s): Croatian, Slovenian
Working languages: English, Slovenian, Croatian
Other language(s): Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin